I Made This for You, Jeffery Dallas.

Jeffery Dallas, cousin of Julian Smith, h/as his own YouTube channel!

 Jeffery Dallas is a reoccurring character in JulianSmithTV videos which provoke ground-shaking issues about Jellyfish and Waffles. (Just in case you’re not familiar: Julian Smith is a video director who began his YouTube fame with 25 Things I hate About Facebook which aired on the Tyr/a Banks show in 2009.)

I freaking love Julian Smith videos because they are so well put together (no sarcasm). Like in my latest favorite, he creates that clichéd strobe-light-sunglass-wearing-hood-up shot that so many music videos use:

So here’s to Jeffery Dallas and his first vlog! To clarify, that was Jeffery Dallas, not to be mistaken with Jeffrey Dallas – the difference is subtle but could save your life.
P.S. Has anyone tried dialing Jeffery’s number (323-207-jeff) from the video?
(Updated 09/29/2011)
It turns out a lot have tried the number but Jeffery doesn’t often pick up. Dogvideos496 commented that Jeffery called him back and said…
Jeffery: hello
dogvideos496: hello, is this jeffery?
Jeffery: yeah
dogvideos496: ……(i was speechless, so i said the first thing that came to my mind) where did you get those pajamas?!?
Jeffery: ……..click( he hung up)

There you have it.

JulianSmithTV: YouTube | Facebook | @JulianSmithTVSite

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Texan who enjoys hiking, design, good stories, and generally any kind of adventure.
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7 Responses to I Made This for You, Jeffery Dallas.

  1. Seth D says:

    So is Jeffery Dallas and Julian smith the same person?

  2. MillerPlanet says:

    Pretty funny. Smith’s stuff makes me want to drop school and just make youtube vids.

  3. MillerPlanet says:

    You didn’t mention it in this post, but I’m assuming you know that Julian Smith is Jeffery Dallas.

    • donnidar says:

      What…? No, they’re not. They just look a lot alike because they’re cousins.

      • donnidar says:

        Jk. I was wondering when someone was going to comment about that. One of the top phrases (from search engines) that link people to my post is “Is Julian Smith Jeffery Dallas?”


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